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Latvian Legislation Related to Foreign Investments

Updated on Monday 22nd October 2018

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Latvian-Legislation-Reated-to-Foreign-Investments.jpgLatvia is a country that offers a number of advantages to foreign investors, including but not limited to a good business climate, a skilled workforce and a number of incentives. The law grants the same rights to foreign entrepreneurs in terms of incorporating and owning a company as local investors. 
Our team of company formation agents in Latvia present the most important issues about the Latvian legislation related to foreign investments.

Foreign direct investment policy in Latvia

Latvia has an open policy towards foreign direct investment and entrepreneurs from other countries find that the business climate, and the Government’s efforts to increase foreign direct investment, are sufficient. 
Some of the main issues concerning the laws on foreign investment include the following:
  • - Company ownership: foreign entrepreneurs have the same right to open a chosen type of company as local business owners.
  • - Company registration: it is a simplified process and one that can also be finalized when the foreign entrepreneur cannot be present in the country at all times. This is possible with a team of experts, such as our agents who specialize in company formation, who will handle the process on behalf of the investor.
  • - Favored investment fields: business fields like research and development are subject to certain incentives and foreign investors can access these; they are available for innovations in science, industry and societal improvement. 
  • - Regulated investment fields: the country may impose certain policies that may influence the foreign investor’s ability to enter the market in the following fields: television and radio broadcasting, narcotics manufacturing and sale, air transport services, the manufacturing and sale of explosives and weapons, etc.

Advantages for foreign investors in Latvia

Latvia is a country that is attractive due to its position in Europe, however, it has much to offer to foreign entrepreneurs who choose to open a Latvian company. Business development and the promotion of foreign direct investment is accomplished through a series of incentives, for business fields and for labor purposes. the Horizon 2020 programme is an example of a set of incentives available in the field of research and development, however, foreign investors may access a number of other types of incentives and benefits.
For more details on the key incentives and a guide for foreign entrepreneurs in the country, please contact our team of company formation agents in Latvia.

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